Poster Session 4 – 3-Minutes Spotlight

Lumbar Spine CT synthesis from MR images using CycleGAN           
Gobert Lee (Flinders University); Mariusz Bajger (Flinders University); Minh-Son To (Flinders University); Adam  Wells (The University of Adelaide); Chee  Chong (Flinders Medical Centre); Marc  Agzarian (Flinders Medical Centre); Santosh     Poonnoose (Flinders Medical Centre)

Towards Automated Performance Assessment for Laparoscopic Box Trainer using Cross-Stage Partial Network             
Koloud Alkhamaiseh (Western Michigan University); Janos Grantner (Western Michigan University); Ikhlas Abdel-Qader (Western Michigan University); Saad Shebrain (Western Michigan university)

Rapid Segmentation of Thoracic Organs using U-Net Architecture
Hassan Mahmood (Edith Cowan University); Syed Islam (Edith Cowan University); James Hill (Singular Health); Guan Tay (Singular Health)

Video-Based Cattle Identification and Action Recognition
Chuong Nguyen (CSIRO Data61); Dadong Wang (CSIRO Data61); Karl Von Richter (CSIRO Data61); Philip Valencia (CSIRO Data61); Flavio Alvarenga (NSW Department of Primary Industries); Gregory Bishop-Hurley (CSIRO Food and Agriculture)

Combining Data Augmentation and Domain Distance Minimisation to Reduce Domain Generalisation Error
Hoang Son Le (The University of Adelaide); Rini Akmeliawati (The University of Adelaide); Gustavo Carneiro (The University of Adelaide)

A Comparison of Saliency Methods for Deep Learning Explainability
Salamata Konate (Queensland University of Technology); Leo Lebrat (CSIRO); Rodrigo Santa Cruz (CSIRO); Elliot Smith (Maxwell plus); Clinton  Fookes (Queensland University of Technology); Andrew Bradley (Queensland University of Technology); Olivier Salvado (Australian e-Health Research Centre)

A Chaos Theory Approach to Understand Neural Network Optimization
Michele Sasdelli (The University of Adelaide); Thalaiyasingam Ajanthan (Australian National University); Tat-Jun Chin (The University of Adelaide); Gustavo Carneiro (The University of Adelaide)

Robust Re-identification of Manta Rays from Natural Markings by Learning Pose Invariant Embeddings           
Olga Moskvyak (Queensland University of Technology); Frederic Maire (Queensland University of Technology); Asia Armstrong (The University of Queensland); Feras Dayoub (Queensland University of Technology); Mahsa Baktashmotlagh (University of Queensland)

A Generative Deep Learning Approach for Forensic Facial Reconstruction
Mitchell S Hargreaves (Monash University); David H Ting (Monash University); Stephen A Bajan (Monash University); Kamron B Bhavnagri (Monash University); Richard Bassed (Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine); Xiaojun Chang (RMIT University)

Incremental Learning of Object Detector with Limited Training Data
Adnan Ul-Hasan (National Center of Artificial Intelligence); Abdullah Hafeez (National University of Sciences and Technology); Faisal Shafait (National University of Sciences and Technology)

The Role of Machine Learning in Game Development Domain - A Review of Current Trends and Future Directions
Syed Afaq Ali Shah (Murdoch University)

Point Cloud Registration with Self-supervised Feature Learning and Beam Search
Guofeng Mei (UTS)