Poster Session 3 – 3-Minutes Spotlight

Three-Dimensional Tumour Microenvironment Reconstruction and Tumour-Immune Interactions’ Analysis              
Panagiotis Barmpoutis (University College London); Hamzeh Kayhanian (University College London); William Waddingham (University College London); Daniel Alexander (University College London); Marnix Jansen (University College London)

Texture Enhanced Statistical Region Merging with Application to Automatic Knee Bones Segmentation from CT          
Michael Howes (Creative Lighting); Mariusz Bajger (Flinders University); Gobert Lee (Flinders University); Francesca Bucci (Flinders University); Saulo Martelli (Queensland University of Technology)

HEp-2 Specimen Cell Detection and Classification Using Very Deep Convolutional Neural Networks-Based Cell Shape   
Khamael A Al-Dulaimi (Queensland  University of Technology); Brandon  Jorgensen (Queensland University of Technology); Jasmine Banks (Queensland University of Technology)

Elimination of Central Artefacts of L-SPECT with Modular Partial Ring Detectors by Shifting Center of Scanning     
Manu Francis (University of New South Wales); Murat Tahtali (University of New South Wales); Mark Pickering (University of New South Wales)

Multi-Dataset Benchmarks for Masked Identification using Contrastive Representation Learning         
Sachith H Seneviratne (University of Melbourne); Nuran R Kasthuriarachchi (University of Moratuwa); Sanka Rasnayaka (National University of Singapore)

Protecting Deep Cerebrospinal Fluid Cell Image Processing Models with Backdoor and Semi-Distillation 
Fangqi Li (Shanghai Jiaotong University); Shilin Wang (Shanghai Jiaotong University); Zhenhai Wang (Ningxia Medical University General Hospital)

Overlapping Cell Nuclei Segmentation in Digital Histology Images using Intensity-based Contours 
Md Shamim Hossain (Edith Cowan University); Leisa  Armstrong (Edith Cowan University); Jumana Abu-Khalaf (Edith Cowan University); David Cook (Edith Cowan University); Pauline Zaenker (Edith Cowan University)

Image Data Augmentation for Improving Performance of Deep Learning-Based Model in Pathological Lung Segmentation   
Md Shariful Alam (University of New South wales); Arcot Sowmya (University of New South wales); Dadong Wang (CSIRO)

Use of Uncertainty Quantification as a Surrogate for Layer Segmentation Error in Stargardt’s Disease Retinal OCT Images       
David Alonso-Caneiro (Queensland University of Technology); Jason Kugelman (Queensland University of Technology); Janelle Tong (Centre for Eye Health); Michael  Kalloniatis (University of New South Wales); Fred Chen (Lions Eye Institute); Scott Read (Queensland University of Technology); Michael Collins (Queensland University of Technology)

OCT Chorio-Retinal Segmentation with Adversarial Loss              
Jason Kugelman (Queensland University of Technology); David Alonso-Caneiro (Queensland University of Technology); Scott Read (Queensland University of Technology); Stephen Vincent (Queensland University of Technology); Michael Collins (Queensland University of Technology)

Similarity Learning based Few Shot Learning for ECG Time Series Classification            
Priyanka Gupta (CVR College of Engineering); Sathvik Bhaskarpandit (Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani); Manik Gupta (Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani)

GAN-based Spatial Transformation Adversarial Method for Disease Classification on CXR Photographs by Smartphones    
Chak Fong Chong (Macao Polytechnic Institute); Xu Yang (Macao Polytechnic Institute); Wei Ke (Macao Polytechnic Institute); Yapeng Wang (Macao Polytechnic Institute)