Oral Session Short Videos

A Compositional Feature Embedding and Similarity Metric for Ultra-Fine-Grained Visual Categorization
Yajie  Sun (Griffith University ); Miaohua Zhang (Griffith University); Xiaohan Yu (Griffith University); Yi Liao (Griffith University); Yongsheng Gao (Griffith University)

View Synthesis with Multi-scale Cost Aggregation and Confidence Prior
Qi Wu (Northwestern Polytechnical University); Xue Wang (Northwestern Polytechnical University); Qing Wang (Northwestern Polytechnical University and Pazhou Lab)

Deep Adaptive Few Example Learning for Microscopy Image Cell Counting
Meng Li (The University of Queensland); Kun Zhao (The University of Queensland); Can Peng (the University of Queensland); Brian Lovell (The University of Queensland)